1. Tutorial for the widget "Programmable Button"

 How to create a programmable timer using the boards ESP8266 or ESP32

How to create a schedule using the Virtuino app and send it to the board

Download the Arduino example code from here:


Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4kfmzGrOoU


2. Arduino code for the "WiFi module settings"

How to change the ssid and password from an esp8266 or esp32 board using the Virtuino MQTT app

Download the Arduino example code from here:



This is an example code that works as MQTT client or Access Point server

you have to add a button to the board so as you can select the access point mode (you can find the correct pin on the code) 
Press the button and restart the board
The board has to restart as access point
Enter the MQTT username and the MQTT password to the code. Nothing else
Upload the code to the board
On your phone disable the data connection
On your phone go to the wifi settings. Find the Virtuino_AP wifi network. Connect your phone to this network 
Run Virtuino MQTT. Opent the "Wifi module settings" window
Click "Load current settings..."
Then enter the correct wifi name and password
Restart the board. Do not push the button on this time. 
The board will be connected to the wifi and the mqtt broker