The Linux version of Virtuino IoT is available as .deb package

Linux:  version 0.6.18 deb package  Noe-12-2023  (latest)



How to install:

1. First uninstall the previous version, if it is installed, by entering the follow command in the terminal window

sudo apt-get remove virtuino-iot

2. Download the latest Linux Virtuino IoT package by entering the follow command


3. Install the package :

sudo dpkg -i virtuino_iot_0_6_18.deb
or double click on the package

4. Users not using the Ubuntu version should install the packages: libsqlite3 and libsqlite3-dev

sudo apt-get -y install libsqlite3-0 libsqlite3-dev


Useful info:

Virtuino IoT doesn't support all Linux versions

The Linux version of Virtuino IoT creates the folder virtuino inside the Documents folder for the projects storing. In this folder are stored all the other data like images, chart data, sounds etc. The folder is not removed after the uninstallation


Previous Linux versions:

Linux:  version 0.6.16 deb package Oct -04-2023

Linux:  version 0.6.1 deb package Aug -03-2023

Linux:  version 0.5.42 deb package Apr-11-2023

Linux:  version 0.5.13 deb package Apr-01-2023

Linux:  version 0.4.12 deb package Feb-06-2023

Linux:  version 0.4.0 deb package  Jan-25-2023

Linux:  version 0.3.0 deb package  Jan-08-2023

Linux:  version 0.2.0 deb package  Dec-28-2022 

Linux:  version 0.1.3 deb package  Dec-08-2022 

Linux:  version 0.1.0 deb package  Noe-06-2022

Linux:  version 0.0.19 deb package  Sep-22-2022